PT & 34…پی ٹی اور 34

This image proved to be much trickier than I had imagined when taking a lazy shot of these back-lit toys placed on a TV.
At f1.8, it gets very difficult with prosumers’ (almost useless) focusing screens to obtain razor sharp focus. A bit of noise reduction was done in addition to cropping, all adding to further softening the image.
I had to sharpen it quite a bit. Some levels and Contrast adjustment also done, all in Canon’s DPP 🙂

سچ پوچھیے تو میری اردو اتنی اچھی نہیں، بس آپ انگریزی میں لکھا ہی پڑھ لیجیے۔ بہ صد معذرت۔


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