For you…تمھارے لیے

For you…تمھارے لیے, originally uploaded by Shah Faisal.

A lazy shot from the back terrace, while trying my rusting 55-250IS. One of those rare photos lucky enough to be taken and uploaded the same day.
Minimal processing, some cropping to remove ugly concrete.

پچھلی چھت سے لی گئی ایک سست تصویر (یعنی اسکے لئے کوئی بھاگ دوڑ نہیں کی)۔ کئی دن سے بند پڑے ۵۵-۲۵۰ عدسے کو آزماتے ہوئے۔ یہ ان چند خوش قسمت تصاویر میں سے ایک ہے جو لیے جانے کے دن ہی فلکر پر ڈال دی جاتی ہیں۔
پی سی میں معمولی پراسیسنگ کی ہے اور کچھ بدصورت کنکریٹ کو تراش دیا ہے۔


10 thoughts on “For you…تمھارے لیے

    • Thanks Rashid. I dont know, the bird just came there out of nowhere though looked like a pet bird.
      Well my 55-250 was of the two kit lenses that I got with the camera. Kit lenses are cheap plastic and good enough for general photography but that’s it. They perform poor under special conditions, like low light or quick moving objects. This is what I know of Canon. Dont know about Nikon but I guess its the same there too. Dont especially buy a kit lens, I would suggest. Save some bucks to buy a better one for life. But if you cant afford that, these are indeed better than not having at all 🙂
      Hope that helps.

      • I only got this 18-55 Kit lens as as you said it works fine with the Happy Flow but when things get tough the photos are all useless.. I was thinking to buy a better lens but don’t know much to decide on my own 😦 And its very technical even to buy a tripod 🙂

      • Rashid bhai I could have helped you with canon lenses but have no idea of Nikon. You can google a bit for lens reviews though. A strategy would be to make a wish list first and then prioritize and then buy one by one. You have to discover though what you want- wide angles, medium range or teles or a combination of all these.
        I would go for 10-22 mm, 18-70 mm and 70-200 mm. This would cover all the way from very wide 10 to rather tele 200. I can then buy a tele-converter in case i need to get more closer, though I am not a sports, action or wild life photographers.
        For the tripod thing, go to any store and buy a cheepo. Play with it before you move on to monfrotto. I however have started with monfrotto, this one indeed:–2132779_tripods–1001235_.html

        Do play with it in the store and ask for advice. I hope it helps.

        Re the tripod.

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