Falooda-rama…فالودہ نامہ

Better view in original size.

After having the honor to post the first photo of our walk, why not post the last one? So here we are, eating Falooda or Faloodeh as a the last activity of our walk.
It is a 180-degree Panorama (yes, Awais was sitting next to Shaukat Niazi and we were in a circle) of 6 shots sticthed together in Hugin. This is not perfect but one has to keep in mind that panoramas are not for moving subjects (sorry Asif and Kami, you were warned :), subjects are extremely close to the lens and that light conditions changed with every angle (from very low to very high). On a positive note, look at the signboards of shops behind Imran and Engineer J, yes you can even read them though the straight road turns out to be a curved one here due to distortion but adding a perspective I guess.
In the end, I am happy 🙂

واک کے اختتام پر فالودہ کھاتے ہوئے۔
چھ تصاویر کو گانٹھ کر بنایا گیا پینوراما۔ کم روشنی، متحرک اشیا اور انسان، اور تنگ جگہ کے باجود جو نتیجہ آیا ہے، میں اس سے خاصا خوش ہوں۔


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